Celebrates the power, strength, and richness of Black History and Culture by shining the light on our ancestors whose creativity and resilience lives in each of us. With confidence, awareness, and pride we too can accomplish extraordinary things and change the world just like those who came before us.

Freedom's Design Vol. I

A powerful anthology that educates, empowers, and inspires Black boys through inspirational poetry and affirmations for 20 days. It affirms the gifts, talents and uniqueness of Black boys, while introducing them to their legacy of resilience, courage and strength.

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“My son has a copy of both Brian Harris’ books and he loves them!

Brian, thank you for pouring out so much of yourself into our young people, and for being so passionate about awakening their brilliance and connecting our babies to the history, culture, genius, resilience, and the power of our ancestral roots!” ASE’

Shauna Brown

Owner/Founder, TeachforCulture, LLC

“As a father of a young king, I feel that we must be the best we can be – for the sake of our children. I must tell you that reading, “I am my History” with my son gave me the opportunity to broaden his horizon on his History. Not only introduce, but also answer any questions concerning our Past, Present, and Hope for our Future. This is a “Must Have” in your child’s library.”

C.J. Faulk

Parent of Christian Faulk (5 yrs old), Clinton, MD

“Often times  when we are doing restorative work and other character and personal development with our young Kings, we fail to realize the importance and power of the arts and the spoken word. I too had forgotten how powerful they each can be until I saw Mr. Harris for myself as he spoke life into young men at Ron Brown High School in Washington D.C. He literally had each young man on the edge of his seat through his words and his poetry. Though sometimes we try to find connections to young Black boys through music and sports, we must never forget the power of our words. I commend Mr. Harris for remembering this, and for bringing his words to life through this book.”

Dr. Antwan L. Perry

Teacher & Program Coordinator, DC Public Schools

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