“It is through dance, that boys can delve into a world where their creativity is unmitigated and their unique voice and expression is championed.” 


Since its inception in 2010, Sons of Freedom Dance Institute (SOFDI) has been committed to nurturing character development, increasing social awareness and building a spiritual foundation through classical and contemporary styles of dance and movement. 

Sons of Freedom Dance Institute addresses how classical and contemporary forms of dance help boys of color to discuss and reconcile their thoughts and feelings about existential concerns such as: dying, loneliness and failure to thrive. The program celebrates the power of dance and its response to the impact of trauma among children in urban and diverse communities. 

Sons of Freedom Dance Institute has traveled throughout the country, performing at the International Association of Blacks and Dance Conference, The Gospel Music Workshop of America, Howard University, The United States Secret Service Organization, opening for Dallas Black Dance Theater, and dancing for many other special concerts, events, and conferences. 

This group of young boys, passion-filled, and purpose-driven, empowers, inspires and transforms the lives of its audiences, through the lenses of creative and technical movement.